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Workshop: Superconducting Nanohybrids 2012

The Workshop "Superconducting Nanohybrids 2012" will bring together leading scientists actively working in different sub-fields of mesoscopic superconductivity in order to discuss recent advances and overview the present status of the field, to visualize further research prospects and to promote new collaborations. The Workshop program will include talks of the leading experts, both theorists and experimentalists, in a number of most exciting topics in the field, such as
-- unconventional pairing in superconductor-ferromagnet proximity structures
-- proximity and Josephson effects in carbon nanotubes,  graphene and topological insulators 
-- superconducting quantum dots
-- quantum phase slips in superconducting nanowires and nanorings
-- crossed Andreev reflection in NS and FS structures
-- novel superconductors.
-- spintronics and superconductivity
-- superconductivity and thermoeffects


J. Aarts (Leiden, The Netherlands)
K. Arutyunov (Jyvaskyla, Finland)
Y. Asano (Sapporo,Japan)
O. Astafev (Tsukuba, Japan)
C. Attanasio (Salerno, Italy)
D. Beckmann (Karlsruhe, Germany)
N. Birge ( Michigan, USA)
M. Blamire (Cambridge, UK)
A. Brinkman (Enschede, The Netherlands)
A. Buzdin (Bordeaux, France)
V. Chandrasekhar (Evanston, USA) 
A. Cottet (Paris, France)
M. Cuoco (Salerno, Italy)
M. Eschrig (London, UK))
Y. Fominov (Chernogolovka, Russia)
F. Giazotto (Pisa, Italy)
P. Hakonen (Helsinki, Finland)
T. Heikkilä (Helsinki, Finland)
F. Hekking(Grenoble, France)
M. Houzet (Grenoble, France)
E. Ilichev (Jena, Germany) 
J. S. Jiang (Argonne, USA) 
M. Kalenkov (Moscow, Russia)
T. Klapwijk (Delft, The Netherlands)
L. Kuzmin (Chalmers, Sweden)
F. Lefloch (Grenoble, France)
J. Meyer(Grenoble, France) 
J. Pekola(Helsinki, Finland)
V. Petrashov (London, UK)
C. Quay (Orsay, France)
J. Robinson (Cambridge, UK)
V. Ryazanov (Chernogolovka, Russia)
A. Semenov (Moscow, Russia)
A. Suszka (San Sebastian, Spain)
L. Tagirov (Kazan, Russia)
V. Vinokur (Argonne, USA) 
P. Virtanen (Würzburg, Germany)
C. Winkelmann (Grenoble, France)


F. S. Bergeret (San Sebastian, Spain)
A. Golubov (Twente, The Netherlands)
A. Sidorenko (Moldova)
A. Zaikin (Karlsruhe, Germany)


A. Ozaeta (San Sebastian, Spain)
A. Verso (San Sebastian, Spain)

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