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5th Laser Ceramics Symposium: International Symposium on Transparent Ceramics for Photonic Applications

5th Laser Ceramics Symposium (LCS): International Symposium on Transparent Ceramics for Photonic Applications is a successive one just after the previous editions in Poland (2005), Japan (2006), France (2007), and China (2008).

The aim of this Symposium is to provide a forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists to debate about the state of the art and the perspectives of nanocrystalline ceramics for photonic applications. It would also give to the participants an insight on future advances and research possibilities in these fields and an opportunity for starting fruitful collaborations.

Symposium topics

- Synthesis of optical transparent ceramics

- Oxide and non-oxide laser ceramics

- Characterization of physical properties

- Optical spectroscopy

- Composite structure

- Ceramic lasers and amplifiers

- Ultrashort pulse generation

- Applications of optical ceramics

- Novel materials and novel fabrication methods

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