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Nanotechnology meets Quantum Information - NanoQI

Ever smaller and better designed semiconductor structures are reaching the quantum realm, leading to new promises and challenges in information processing.

This school gives an introduction into the basics and recent advances in different areas of quantum information theory and solid-state-based quantum technologies. Seven leading experts will review the experimental and theoretical state-of-the-art for some of the most promising implementations such as semiconductor quantum dots, superconducting circuits, defect centers in diamond, photonic crystal structures, or topological insulators and explore the prospects of quantum computing, quantum simulation, and the physics of quantum many-body systems.

This conference will take place in Donostia-San Sebastian during July 11-14, 2016 the historical place Palacio Miramar.

For more information about the event please visit or contact

Organizing Committee:
J. Ignacio Cirac
Géza Giedke
Alejandro González-Tudela


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