18.Nov.2011 Our long standing collaborator from Barcelona, Jorge Lobo, has just gained a permanent position at the CSIC. Moreover, he has chosen among different CSIC centers in Spain to join our CFM Institut, whithin the Nanolab group. Congratulations and welcome in San Sebastian!
4.Oct.2011 Today, Umberto De Giovannini set the "News" feature in the appropriate way. Thank you Umberto!
30.Sept.2011 Miguel Angel Muñoz has completed his post-doctoral stay between us, and left in September 30th. He has got a new research position at the so-called ''Energygune'' in Vitoria. Good luck Miguel!
1.08.2011 Our ''International Collaboration in Chemistry'' has produced its first paper ''Attachment of protoporphyrin dyes to nanostructured ZnO surfaces: characterization by NEXAFS'', which has been accepted in J. Phys. Chem. Congratulations to Ruben, but especially to Celia, who made an extraordinary effort to coordinate the work.
25.July.2011 Zakaria´s work on surface alloys entitled ''Lifschitz transition in the surface band of Ag/Cu(111) induced by interface Au doping'' just made it to the PRL. We have to congratulate ourselves, because this is the first paper published from our ARPES machine. A PRL, no less!! But special congratulations must go to all authors: Manfred, Martina, Javier García de Abajo and Fred.
24. Feb. 2011 Dimas’ latest work on donor/acceptor superlattices has made it to the inside front cover of in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics.
23. Feb. 2011 Prof. Franz Himpsel, from the University of Wisconsin Madison, is visiting us during 12 days. We are collaborating in the joint NSF-MICINN project on molecule/surface systems for solar cell applications. He will be sitting at one of the offices in front of the Labs. Welcome!
20. Feb. 2011 Our beautiful work on surface states from noble metal curved crystals has been published in PRB. Congratulations to Eli, Zakaria, Martina, and Fred.
12. Jan. 2011 In collaboration with our colleagues in Nancy and Madrid, we just published a New Journal of Physics paper on the symmetry nature of the gap at the Ag/Cu dislocation network. Congratulations to Fred, Javier Cordón and to our “beloved” Javi Garcia de Abajo. Good luck Javi!
10. Jan. 2011 A highly competitive collaboration research Project between Spain and US entitled “International Collaboration in Chemistry: Molecules at Nanostructured Surfaces for Solar Cell Applications” has been awarded to our group, who will coordinate the Spanish side (J. E. Ortega in San Sebastian, Angel Rubio at the ETSF, and Gema de la Torre in Madrid) . The Project is supported by the Spanish MICINN and the US National Science Foundation. Only two projects in Spain have been selected. Congratulations!