The Donostia International Physics Center Foundation (DIPC), in the World Year of Physics, is taking part in the commemorations to mark the centenary of Albert Einsteinís Annus Mirabilis.

This year is the centenary of an astonishing year for universal science: 1905. A year in which an unknown patent civil servant in Berne, published five pieces of work that changed the course of physics, science, and humanity. The commemoration of Einsteinís Annus Mirabilis stresses the importance of science as a driving force for knowledge and a catalyst for technological and socio-economic development.

The figure of Einstein also represents an excellent example for the younger generations. His creativity and intuition guided him in his dream of understanding the universe in a different way.

We are preparing a series of events to commemorate Einsteinís Annus Mirabilis that aim to inform society about research activity at the very highest level. Weíd like to invite you to study our programme

The guest researchers form part of the world elite. The events we have programmed will include plenary and thematic lectures, as well as exhibitions to introduce Einsteinís figure to children and young people.

Registration for the events will be free of charge. The organisers will be awarding a number of grants to cover the costs of attending the events.

Pedro Miguel Echenique
President of DIPC