Donostia International Physics Center Workshop


Donostia / San Sebastián, September 7 – 11, 2004


Co-chairmen: Pedro Miguel ECHENIQUE (Donostia/San Sebastián), Antoine SALIN (Bordeaux)

Conference Secretary: Heriberto Fabio BUSNENGO (Rosario)

Scientific committee: Daniel FARIAS (Madrid), Axel GROSS (München), Geert Jan KROES (Leiden), Mario ROCCA (Genova)


Reactivity at gas-solid  interfaces plays a  fundamental role in a  large number of natural processes: heterogenous catalysis, atmospheric reactions,
 interstellar matter, biological  or  geological media. Recently, reactivity studies have greatly benefited from the development of  individual atom,  molecule
 or radical  manipulation and  reaction control on  surfaces. The latter technique  allows  to  pilot step  by step chemical  reactions, to  observe elementary
 reactions in  real time, to  construct  nanostructured catalysts, etc... Molecular beams  allow to simulate  elementary  steps in  catalytic processes like  the
 formation  and  stabilization  of  reactive radicals  or  direct  reactions  between  adsorbates  and  atoms/molecules  of the gas phase. On  the other  hand,
  methods for  the determination of the electronic structure of  adsorbates on surfaces have reached the point  where they are able to deal  with
 complex  situations, like the determination  of  reactive paths, even  when the latter involve  defects or local modifications  of the  surface. The  concerted
 theoretical and  experimental  approach has proved to  be very successful  for the  elucidation of  elementary microscopic reaction  steps of  molecules at
 surfaces. In this workshop,  the  current state  of the art in both theory and experiment will be reviewed and promising new developments discussed.





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All  sessions  will  take  place at  the Palacio Miramar  starting  at 8:30  on  Wednesday,  September 8th and  ending  at  noon  on Saturday,
September 11th. Registration will start on Tuesday afternoon, September 7th at
Hotel Costa Vasca.


The Workshop, planned for about  60 participants, with  ample time for discussions, will  consist in 3  key-note lectures, 18 invited talks and
 two poster sessions. Posters will be posted during the whole workshop and ample time will be reserved for poster sessions.

Deadline for abstract submission: July, 15th.Abstracts cannot exceed a single A4 page and  must be submitted by e-mail (in doc, pdf or ps formatted 
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