Prof. Luis A. Montero-Cabrera, from Universidad de la Habana, Cuba, will be giving  an introduction to density functional theory and time-dependent density functional theory, with a particular aim at understanding and interpretation of what theory can do and the results of calculations. The course will consist in 4 lectures on Tuesdays 2, 9, 16 and 23 of April 2019, from 11h30 to 13h00 at the DIPC main seminar room. As usually attendance is free and open to everyone.

The lectures will be:

1.      The density matrix

2.      Density functional theory.

2.1   Concepts.

2.2   Kohn-Sham approximations.

2.3   Functionals

2.4   Applications to molecular modeling

3.      Modeling time dependent electronic processes.

3.1   Working with Time – Dependent Hamiltonians.

3.2   Electron excitations as linear response to weak perturbations

3.3   Applications of TD-DFT for electron excitations of molecules