With almost 30 years of existence, Dynamical Mean-Field theory (DMFT) is becoming a standard to go beyond Density Functional Theory in the systems where mean-field theory fails. Typical systems involve correlated centers that need some strongly-correlation treatment. DMFT uses a mapping into the Anderson impurity model, solving a Kondo problem and then modifies the mean-field solution of the non-correlated part by suitable self-energies that take into account the correlation.

Dr. David Jacob (Ikerbasque fellow of the Nano-Bio Spectroscopy group) is an expert in the Kondo problem and in DMFT. He will teach us about the strongly-correlated problem in electronic structure calculations, DMFT and the limitations of DMFT.

The course will consists of four lectures of 90 minutes each, November (and one December) Tuesdays from 11H30 to 13H00, main DIPC seminar room:

  • 1st Lecture.- Motivation: Understanding the Mott Metal-Insulator transition; The Hubbard model: Mean-Field solution; Gutzwiller Method. Tuesday November 13th.
  • 2dn Lecture.- Dynamical Mean-Field Theory: the limit of infinite dimensions; DMFT in finite dimensions. Tuesday November 20th.
  • 3rd Lecture.- Impurity solvers: NCA/OCA; Overview over other solvers. Tuesday November 27th.
  • 4th Lecture.- Failure of DMFT in low dimensions; Extensions of DMFT: Cluster DMFT; Dynamical Cluster Approximation. Tuesday December 4th.