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  1. 1- Dr. Miren Iosune Arrastia Basalo

    Check-in date: 01/08/2013

    Research subject: Multiple spin state reactivity in Fe-containing complexes and enzymes.

  2. 2- Dr. Joseba Alberdi Rodriguez

    Check-in date: 01/07/2015

    Check-out date: 04/01/2018

    Research subject: Morfokinetics: development of computational techniques for the analysis of CVD growth of new 2D materials.

  3. 3- Dr. Marta Pelc

    Check-in date: 01/12/2015

    Check-out date: 30/11/2018

    Research subject: Topological defects on carbon like nanostructures.

  4. 4- Dr. Daniel Martinez Tong

    Check-in date: 11/01/2016

    Check-out date: 16/12/2018

    Research subject: Local dielectric spectroscopy by AFM. Application to polymer based materials.

  5. 5- Dr. Carlos Garcia Fernandez

    Check-in date: 20/04/2016

    Research subject: Development of transport methods based on Wannier function.

  6. 6- Dr. Mario Zapata Herrera

    Check-in date: 01/07/2016

    Check-out date: 30/04/2018

    Research subject: Quantum and classical approaches to the optical response of metallic nanostructures.

  7. 7- Dr. Jon Iñaki Mujika

    Check-in date: 16/08/2016

    Research subject: Molecular dynamics of membrane structure.

  8. 8- Dr. Aleksander Victorovich Terentjev

    Check-in date: 01/09/2016

    Research subject: Time dependent density functional theory beyond the local density approximation.

  9. 9- Dr. Jorge Budagosky Marcilla

    Check-in date: 01/10/2016

    Research subject: Computational solid state spectroscopy.

  10. 10- Dr. Maxim Ilin

    Check-in date: 16/12/2016

    Check-out date: 30/11/2018

    Research subject: Upgrade of MOKE setup to add up the capability for as-susceptibility measurements.

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