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  1. 1- Dr. Irina Sklyadneva

    Check-in date: 14/05/2003

    Research subject: Electron-phonon coupling in the 3D topological isolators and Weil semiconductors as well as and in ultrathin lead and indium films on the Si substrate (superconductivity).

  2. 2- Dr. Macarena Barredo Zuriarrain

    Check-in date: 05/02/2018

    Check-out date: 05/08/2018

    Research subject: Generation of 1D/2D/3D optically active nano-microstructures by femtosecond laser induced processing of high quality rare earth doped glasses: spectroscopic characterization and performance.

  3. 3- Dr. Jorge Sanchez Dolado

    Check-in date: 02/04/2018

    Research subject: Thermal and dielectric properties of cement based materials.

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