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  1. 11- Recent developments in time-domain coupled-cluster theory for quantum chemistry

    Fecha del Seminario: 29/06/2018

    Realizado por: Daniel Nascimento

    Procedencia: Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, USA

  2. 12- A view of science in Cuba by a Cuban scientist in the global 21st. Century scenario

    Fecha del Seminario: 22/06/2018

    Realizado por: Luis Alberto Montero Cabrera

    Procedencia: Universidad de La Habana, Cuba

  3. 13- Novel exotic forms of low-dimensional epitaxial Si, Ge, and Sn: silicene, its cousins, and related Xenes

    Fecha del Seminario: 13/06/2018

    Realizado por: Guy Le Lay

    Procedencia: PIIM-CNRS, Aix-Marseille University

  4. 14- Designing Quantum Matter: fabrication and characterization with atomic scale precision

    Fecha del Seminario: 08/06/2018

    Realizado por: Prof.Ingmar Swart

    Procedencia: Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

  5. 15- Attochemistry: imaging and controlling electron dynamics in molecules with attosecond light pulses

    Fecha del Seminario: 07/06/2018

    Realizado por: Prof.Fernando Martín

    Procedencia: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IMDEA Nano

  6. 16- On-surface self-assembly, reactions and electronic properties of PXX and binol derivatives

    Fecha del Seminario: 07/06/2018

    Realizado por: James Lawrence

    Procedencia: University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom

  7. 17- Between Scylla and Charybdis (by Density Functional Theory): fundamental challenges, opportunities and advances in functional interfaces

    Fecha del Seminario: 01/06/2018

    Realizado por: Prof. Gilberto Teobaldi

    Procedencia: Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy. The University of Liverpool, UK

  8. 18- Topological superconductivity in 1D and 2D systems

    Fecha del Seminario: 31/05/2018

    Realizado por: Dr.Tristan Cren

    Procedencia: Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, CNRS & UPMC, Paris, France

  9. 19- Spin dynamics of Ho single atom magnets

    Fecha del Seminario: 25/05/2018

    Realizado por: Fabio Donati

    Procedencia: IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  10. 20- Towards light-driven reduction. From solar fuels to solar chemicals

    Fecha del Seminario: 25/05/2018

    Realizado por: Julio Lloret

    Procedencia: Institut Català d'Investigació Química (ICIQ)

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