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  1. 1- Proximity-induced superconductivity in Landau-quantized graphene monolayers

    Date of Seminar: 28/09/2018

    Speaker: Alessandro De Martino

    From: University of London

  2. 2- Ultrastrong coupling with propagating photons

    Date of Seminar: 27/09/2018

    Speaker: Juan García-Ripoll

    From: IFF, CSIC, Madrid

  3. 3- Developing Models for Chromatin Folding

    Date of Seminar: 14/09/2018

    Speaker: Jose Onuchic

    From: Rice University

  4. 4- Unprecedented transport properties of monolayer TMD devices: Experiment and theory

    Date of Seminar: 14/09/2018

    Speaker: Kristen Kaasbjerg

    From: Technical University of Denmark

  5. 5- Magneto-transport in (shaped) topological insulator nanowires

    Date of Seminar: 11/09/2018

    Speaker: Cosimo Gorini

    From: Universität Regensburg

  6. 6- New Ways to Think About Electronic Excited States

    Date of Seminar: 10/09/2018

    Speaker: Peter Gill

    From: Australian National University, Canberra

  7. 7- Complex Excitonic Phenomena in Photophysics from Advanced Computational Approaches

    Date of Seminar: 30/08/2018

    Speaker: Sivan Refaely-Abarmson

    From: University of California, Berkeley; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  8. 8- Spin-dependent Chemistry

    Date of Seminar: 27/07/2018

    Speaker: Vladimiro Mujica

    From: Arizona State University, School of Molecular Sciences.

  9. 9- Effect of disorder in multi-band superconductors

    Date of Seminar: 25/07/2018

    Speaker: Dmitri Efremov

    From: Leibnitz Institute for Solid State Physics and Material Science IFW-Dresden

  10. 10- New anomaly induced transport in 3D Dirac matter

    Date of Seminar: 13/07/2018

    Speaker: Maria Angeles Hernandez Vozmediano

    From: ICMM-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

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