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  1. 1- Current-induced heating and cooling of molecular junctions

    Fecha del Seminario: 28/09/2017

    Realizado por: Dr.Giuseppe Fotti

    Procedencia: Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

  2. 2- Chiral interface states in graphene pn-junctions in magnetic field

    Fecha del Seminario: 19/09/2017

    Realizado por: Prof.Alessando de Martino

    Procedencia: City, University of London, United Kingdom

  3. 3- Metallic Nanoparticles: growth, morphology and functionalization

    Fecha del Seminario: 14/09/2017

    Realizado por: Dr.Magali Benoit

    Procedencia: CEMES, Toulouse, France

  4. 4- Vertical resonant tunneling transistors with molecular quantum dots

    Fecha del Seminario: 04/09/2017

    Realizado por: Ryoma Hayakawa

    Procedencia: NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan

  5. 5- Magnetoelectric response from first-principles: microscopic understanding and design rules

    Fecha del Seminario: 01/08/2017

    Realizado por: Dr.Eric Bousquet

    Procedencia: Univerté de Liége, Belgium

  6. 6- Non-symmorphic symmetry-protected topological phases

    Fecha del Seminario: 27/07/2017

    Realizado por: Dr.Jenifer Cano

    Procedencia: Princeton University, NJ, USA

  7. 7- Synthesis, Structure and Tunable Electronic Properties of Pure and Doped Graphene

    Fecha del Seminario: 26/07/2017

    Realizado por: Prof.Dmitry Yu. Usachov

    Procedencia: Saint Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

  8. 8- Magnetism at the nanoscale: Engineering spin and correlations with an atomically precise probe

    Fecha del Seminario: 24/07/2017

    Realizado por: Dr.Markus Ternes

    Procedencia: Max Planck Institute for solid state research, Stuttgart, Germany

  9. 9- Science and Contemporary Theater. A symbiotic relationship?

    Fecha del Seminario: 21/07/2017

    Realizado por: Prof.Gabriel Cwilich

    Procedencia: Yeshiva University, New York, USA

  10. 10- Many-body perturbation theory for excited electrons: from materials to molecules

    Fecha del Seminario: 20/07/2017

    Realizado por: Prof.Fabien Bruneval

    Procedencia: Service de Recherche en Métallurgie Physique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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