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  1. 41- Photoluminescent properties of single crystal diamond microneedles.

    Malykhin SA, Ismagilov RR, Tuyakova FT, Obraztsova EA, Fedotov PV, Ermakova A, Siyushev P,Katamadze KG, Jelezko F, Rakovich YP, and Obraztsov AN.

    Optical Materials 75, 49 (2018).

  2. 42- New electron delocalization tools to describe the aromaticity in porphyrinoids.

    Casademont-Reig I, Woller T, Contreras-Garcia J, Alonso M, Torrent-Sucarrat M, and Matito E.

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20, 2787 (2018).

  3. 43- Ferroelectric nanotraps for polar molecules.

    Dutta O, and Giedke G.

    Physical Review A 97, 023416 (2018).

  4. 44- Strong anharmonicity in the phonon spectra of PbTe and SnTe from first principles.

    Ribeiro GAS, Paulatto L, Bianco R, Errea I, Mauri F, and Calandra M.

    Physical Review B 97, 014306 (2018).

  5. 45- Electron refrigeration in hybrid structures with spin-split superconductors.

    Rouco M, Heikkila TT, and Bergeret FS.

    Physical Review B 97, 014529 (2018).

  6. 46- Building blocks of topological quantum chemistry: elementary band representations.

    Cano J, Bradlyn B, Wang ZJ, Elcoro L, Vergniory MG, Felser C, Aroyo MI, and Bernevig BA.

    Physical Review B 97, 035138 (2018).

  7. 47- Band connectivity for topological quantum chemistry: band structures as a graph theory problem.

    Bradlyn B, Elcoro L, Vergniory MG, Cano J, Wang ZJ, Felser C, Aroyo MI, and Bernevig BA.

    Physical Review B 97, 035138 (2018).

  8. 48- Gyrotropic effects in trigonal tellurium studied from first principles.

    Tsirkin SS, Puente PA, and Souza I.

    Physical Review B 97, 035158 (2018).

  9. 49- Spin filtering via resonant reflection of relativistic surface states.

    Nechaev IA, Krasovskii EE.

    Physical Review B 97, 041407 (2018).

  10. 50- A silicon-based single-electron interferometer coupled to a fermionic sea.

    Chatterjee A, Shevchenko SN, Barraud S, Otxoa RM, Nori F, Morton JJL, and Gonzalez-Zalba MF.

    Physical Review B 97, 045405 (2018).

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