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  1. 1- Boron nitride monolayer growth on vicinal Ni(111) surfaces systematically studied with a curved crystaly.

    Fernandez L, Makarova AA, Laubschat C, Vyalikh DV, Usachov DY, Ortega JE, and Schiller F.

    2D Materials 6, 025013 (2019).

  2. 2- Enantiospecific optical enhancement of chiral sensing and separation with dielectric metasurfaces.

    Solomon ML, Hu J, Lawrence M, Garcia-Etxarri A, and Dionne JA.

    ACS Photonics 6, 43 (2019).

  3. 3- Alkali metal covalent bonding in nickel carbonyl complexes ENi(CO)(3)(-).

    Chi CX, Pan S, Meng LY, Luo MB, Zhao LL, Zhou MF, and Frenking G.

    Angewandte Chemie Internation Edition 58, 1732 (2019).

  4. 4- Spin in a closed-shell organic molecule on a metal substrate generated by a sigmatropic reaction.

    Bocquet ML, Lorente N, Berndt R, and Gruber M.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58, 821 (2019).

  5. 5- Photocatalytic cofactor regeneration involving triethanolamine revisited: The critical role of glycolaldehyde.

    Kinastowska K, Liu J, Tobin JM, Rakovich Y, Vilela F, Xu ZT, Bartkowiak W, and Grzelczak M.

    Applied Catalysis B-environmental 243, 686 (2019).

  6. 6- Switchable Josephson junction based on interfacial exchange field.

    Cascales JP, Takamura Y, Stephen GM, Heiman D, Bergeret FS, and Moodera JS.

    Applied Physics Letters 114, 022601 (2019).

  7. 7- Self-assembled triangular graphene nanostructures: evidence of dual electronic response.

    Chagas T, Pelc M, Goncalves PHR, Antoniazzi I, Gonzalez JW, Ayuela A, Lopes JMJ, Oliveira MH, Magalhaes-Paniago R, and Malachias A.

    Carbon 142, 580 (2018).

  8. 8- [n]Cyclo-para-biphenylmethine polyradicaloids: [n]annulene analogs and unusual valence tautomerization.

    Ni Y, Sandoval-Salinas ME, Tanaka T, Phan H, Herng TS, Gopalakrishna TY, Ding J, Osuka A, Casanova D, and Wu JS.

    Chem 5, 108 (2019).

  9. 9- Metal drugs and the anticancer immune response.

    Englinger B, Pirker C, Heffeter P, Terenzi A, Kowol CR, Keppler BK and Berger W.

    Chemical Reviews 119, 1519 (2019).

  10. 10- Synthesis and reactivity studies of amido-substituted germanium(I)/Tin(I) dimers and clusters.

    Kelly JA, Juckel M, Hadlington TJ, Fernandez I, Frenking G, and Jones C.

    Chemistry A European Journal 25, 2773 (2019).

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