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  1. 51- Shedding light on correlated electron-photon states using the exact factorization.

    Abedi A, Khosravi E, and Tokatly, IV.

    European Physical Journal B 91, 194 (2018).

  2. 52- Measures for the dynamics in a few-body quantum system with harmonic interactions.

    Nagy I, Pipek J, and Glasser ML.

    Few-Body Systems 59, UNSP 2 (2018).

  3. 53- A statistically representative atlas for mapping neuronal circuits in the drosophila adult brain.

    Arganda-Carreras I, Manoliu T, Mazuras N, Schulze F, Iglesias JE, Buhler K, Jenett A, Rouyer F, and Andrey P.

    Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 12, 13 (2018).

  4. 54- Impact of long-range disorder on the two-dimensional electron gas formation at a LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface.

    Maznichenko IV, Ostanin S, Dugaev VK, Mertig I, and Ernst, A.

    Impact of long-range disorder on the two-dimensional electron gas formation at a LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface By:Maznichenko, IV (Maznichenko, I., V)[ 1 ] ; Ostanin, S (Ostanin, S.)[ 1 ] ; Dugaev, VK (Dugaev, V. K.)[ 2 ] ; Mertig, I (Mertig, I)[ 1,3 ] ; Ernst, A (Ernst, A.)[ 3,4,5 ] PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS Volume: 2 Issue: 7 Article Number: 074003

  5. 55- Ab initio molecular dynamics study of the Eley-Rideal reaction of H + Cl-Au(111) -> HCl + Au(111): impact of energy dissipation to surface phonons and electron-hole pairs.

    Zhou LS, Zhou XY, Alducin M, Zhang L, Jiang B, and Guo H.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 014702 (2018).

  6. 56- Short-range density functional correlation within the restricted active space CI method.

    Casanova D.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 124118 (2018).

  7. 57- MSM/RD: coupling Markov state models of molecular kinetics with reaction-diffusion simulations.

    Dibak M, del Razo MJ, De Sancho D, Schutte C, and Noe F.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 214107 (2018).

  8. 58- Benchmark of ReaxFF force field for subcritical and supercritical water.

    Manzano H, Zhang WW, Raju M, Dolado JS, Lopez-Arbeloa I, and van Duin ACT.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 234503 (2018).

  9. 59- Communication: Fingerprints of reaction mechanisms in product distributions: Eley-Rideal-type reactions between D and CD3/Cu(111).

    Zhou L, Jiang B, Alducin M, and Guo H.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 149, 031101 (2018).

  10. 60- Two faces of triel bonds in boron trihalide complexes.

    Grabowski SJ.

    Journal of Computational Chemistry 39, 472 (2018).

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