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  1. 21- Hierarchical aging pathways and reversible fragile-to-strong transition upon annealing of a metallic glass former.

    Gallino I, Cangialosi D, Evenson Z, Schmitt L, Hechler S, Stolpe M, and Ruta, B.

    Acta Materialia 144, 400 (2018).

  2. 22- All-optical-input transistors: light-controlled enhancement of plasmon-induced photocurrent.

    Gao XD, Fei GT, Zhang Y, Zhang LD, and Hu ZM.

    Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1802288 (2018).

  3. 23- Chemically responsive elastomers exhibiting unity-order refractive index modulation.

    Wu DM, Solomon ML, Naik GV, Garcia-Etxarri A, Lawrence M, Salleo A, and Dionne JA.

    Advanced Materials 30, 1703912 (2018).

  4. 24- Vibrational spectroscopy of water with high spatial resolution.

    Jokisaari JR, Hachtel JA, Hu X, Mukherjee A, Wang CH, Konecna A, Lovejoy TC, Dellby N, Aizpurua J,Krivanek OL, Idrobo JC, and Klie RF.

    Advanced Materials 30, 1802702 (2018).

  5. 25- Transition-metal pi-ligation of a tetrahalodiborane.

    Braunschweig H, Dewhurst RD, Jimenez-Halla JOC, Matito E, and Muessig JH.

    Angewandte Chemie 57, 412 (2018).

  6. 26- Buckyball difluoride F-2(-)@C-60(+)-A single-molecule crystal.

    Foroutan-Nejad C, Straka M, Fernandez I, and Frenking G.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57, 13931 (2018).

  7. 27- Molecular-barrier-enhanced aromatic fluorophores in cocrystals with unity quantum efficiency.

    Ye HQ, Liu GF, Liu S, Casanova D, Ye X, Tao XT, Zhang QC, and Xiong QH.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57, 1928 (2018).

  8. 28- A three-component enantioselective cyclization reaction catalyzed by an unnatural amino acid derivative.

    Retamosa MD, Ruiz-Olalla A, Bello T, de Cozar A, and Cossio FP.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57, 668 (2018).

  9. 29- Bioorthogonal catalytic activation of platinum and ruthenium anticancer complexes by FAD and flavoproteins.

    Alonso-de Castro S, Cortajarena AL, Lopez-Gallego F, and Salassa L.

    Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 3143 (2018).

  10. 30- Reversible clustering of gold nanoparticles under confinement.

    Sanchez-Iglesias A, Claes N, Solis DM, Taboada JM, Bals S, Liz-Marzan LM, and Grzelczak M.

    Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 57, 3183 (2018).

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