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  1. 171- Spin decoherence of magnetic atoms on surfaces.

    Delgado F, and Fernandez-Rossier J.

    Progress in Surface Science 92, 40 (2017).

  2. 172- 'Aggregation induced emission' active iridium(III) complexes with applications in mitochondrial staining.

    Alam P, Dash S, Climent C, Kaur G, Choudhury AR, Casanova D, Alemany P, Chowdhury R, and Laskar IR.

    RSC Advances 7, 5642 (2017).

  3. 173- A computational study on interaction of aluminum with D-glucose 6-phosphate for various stoichiometries.

    Formoso E, and Lopez X.

    RSC Advances 7, 6064 (2017).

  4. 174- Dynamics of nano-confined water in Portland cement - comparison with synthetic C-S-H gel and other silicate materials.

    Goracci G, Monasterio M, Jansson H, and Cerveny, S.

    Scientific Report 7, 8258 (2017).

  5. 175- Stopping power beyond the adiabatic approximation.

    Caro M, Correa AA, Artacho E, and Caro A.

    Scientific Reports 7 2618 (2017).

  6. 176- Electron-phonon coupling in topological surface states: the role of polar optical modes.

    Heid R, Sklyadneva IY, and Chulkov EV.

    Scientific reports 7, 1095 (2017).

  7. 177- Giant magnetic band gap in therRashba-split surface state of vanadium-doped BiTeI: a combined photoemission and ab initio study.

    Klimovskikh II, Shikin AM, Otrokov MM, Ernst A, Rusinov IP, Tereshchenko OE, Golyashov VA, Sanchez-Barriga J, Varykhalov AY, Rader O, Kokh KA, and Chulkov EV.

    Scientific Reports 7, 3353 (2017).

  8. 178- Quantum spin Hall insulators in centrosymmetric thin films composed from topologically trivial BiTeI trilayers.

    Nechaev IA, Eremeev SV, Krasovskii EE, Echenique PM, and Chulkov EV.

    Scientific Reports 7, 43666 (2017).

  9. 179- Spin-resolved band structure of heterojunction Bi-bilayer/3D topological insulator in the quantum dimension regime in annealed Bi2Te2.4Se0.6.

    Klimovskikh II, Sostina D, Petukhov A, Rybkin AG, Eremeev SV, Chulkov EV, Tereshchenko OE, Kokh KA, and Shikin AM.

    Scientific reports 7, 45797 (2017).

  10. 180- Quantum nuclear dynamics of protons within layered hydroxides at high pressure.

    Dupuis R, Dolado JS, Benoit M, Surga J, and Ayuela A.

    Scientific Reports 7, 4842 (2017).

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