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  1. 31- Generation of a superconducting vortex via Neel skyrmions.

    Baumard J, Cayssol J, Bergeret FS, and Buzdin A.

    Physical Review B 99, 014511 (2019).

  2. 32- Ab initio study of the LiH phase diagram at extreme pressures and temperatures.

    Biswas S, Errea I, Calandra M, Mauri F, and Scandolo S.

    Physical Review B 99, 024108 (2019).

  3. 33- Strong-coupling charge density wave in a one-dimensional topological metal.

    Hofmann P, Ugeda MM, Tamtogl A, Ruckhofer A, Ernst WE, Benedek G, Martinez-Galera AJ, Strozecka A , Gomez-Rodriguez JM, Rienks E, Jensen MF, Pascual JI, and Wells JW.

    Physical Review B 99, 035438 (2019).

  4. 34- Disconnected elementary band representations, fragile topology, and Wilson loops as topological indices: an example on the triangular lattice.

    Bradlyn B, Wang ZJ, Cano J, and Bernevig BA.

    Physical Review B 99, 045140 (2019).

  5. 35- Extreme decoherence and quantum chaos.

    Xu ZY, Garcia-Pintos LP, Chenu A, and del Campo A.

    Physical Review Letters 122, 014103 (2019).

  6. 36- Ultrafast transient dynamics of adsorbates on surfaces deciphered: the case of CO on Cu(100).

    Novko D, Tremblay JC, Alducin M, and Juaristi JI.

    Physical Review Letters 122, 016806 (2019).

  7. 37- A study of the optical, electrical and structural properties of poly(pyrrole-3, 4-dicarboxylic acid).

    Mizera A, Grabowski SJ, Lawniczak P, Wysocka-Zolopa M, Dubis AT, and Lapinski A.

    Polymer 164, 142 (2019).

  8. 38- Directional sub-femtosecond charge transfer dynamics and the dimensionality of 1T-TaS2.

    Kuhn D, Muller M, Sorgenfrei F, Giangrisostomi E, Jay RM, Ovsyannikov R, Martensson N, Sanchez-Portal D, and Fohlisch A.

    Scientific Reports 9, 488 (2019).

  9. 39- Peculiar optical properties of bilayer silicene under the influence of external electric and magnetic fields.

    Do TN, Gumbs G, Shih PH, Huang DH, Chiu CW, Chen CY, and Lin MF.

    Scientific Reports 9, 624 (2019).

  10. 40- Numerical modelling of non-ionic microgels: an overview.

    Rovigatti L, Gnan N, Tavagnacco L, Moreno AJ, and Zaccarelli E.

    Soft Matter 15, 1108 (2019).

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