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  1. 11- Introducing the concept of pulsed vapor phase copper-free surface click-chemistry using the ALD technique.

    Saric I, Peter R, Markovic MK, Badovinac IJ, Rogero C, Ilyn M, Knez M, and Ambrozic G.

    Chemical Communications 55, 3109 (2019).

  2. 12- Metal drugs and the anticancer immune response.

    Englinger B, Pirker C, Heffeter P, Terenzi A, Kowol CR, Keppler BK and Berger W.

    Chemical Reviews 119, 1519 (2019).

  3. 13- Synthesis and reactivity studies of amido-substituted germanium(I)/Tin(I) dimers and clusters.

    Kelly JA, Juckel M, Hadlington TJ, Fernandez I, Frenking G, and Jones C.

    Chemistry A European Journal 25, 2773 (2019).

  4. 14- Effects of temperature on the shape and symmetry of molecules and solids.

    Carreras A, Bernuz E, Marugan X, Llunell M, and Alemany P.

    Chemistry A European Journal 25, 673 (2019).

  5. 15- Organocatalysts derived from Unnatural alpha-Amino Acids: scope and applications.

    Agirre M, Arrieta A, Arrastia I, and Cossio FP.

    Chemistry-an Asian Journal 14, 44 (2019).

  6. 16- Effect of an alpha-methyl substituent on the dienophile on diels-alder endo:exo selectivity.

    Larranaga O, and de Cozar A.

    Chemistryopen 8, 49 (2019).

  7. 17- A-H horizontal ellipsis sigma hydrogen bonds: dihydrogen and cycloalkanes as proton acceptors.

    Grabowski SJ.

    CHEMPHYSCHEM 20, 565 (2019).

  8. 18- PySCF-NAO: An efficient and flexible implementation of linear response time-dependent density functional theory with numerical atomic orbitals.

    Koval P, Barbry M, and Sanchez-Portal D.

    Computer Physics Communications 236, 188 (2019).

  9. 19- X-ray phase-contrast imaging for laser-induced shock waves.

    Antonelli L, Barbato F, Mancelli D, Trela J, Zeraouli G, Boutoux G, Neumayer P, Atzeni S, Schiavi A,Volpe L, Bagnoud V, Brabetz C, Zielbauer B, Bradford P, Woolsey N, Borm B, and Batani D.

    EPL 125, 35002 (2019).

  10. 20- WDR20 regulates shuttling of the USP12 deubiquitinase complex between the plasma membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

    Olazabal-Herrero A, Sendino M, Arganda-Carreras I, and Rodriguez JA.

    European Journal of Cell Biology 98, 12 (2019).

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