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  1. 81- The trans effect in palladium phosphine sulfonate complexes.

    Rezabal E, Ugalde JM, and Frenking G.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121, 7709 (2017).

  2. 82- Unveiling the catalytic role of B-Block histidine in the N-S Acyl shift step of protein splicing.

    Mujika JI, and Lopez X.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 7786 (2017).

  3. 83- Competition between palladium clusters and hydrogen to saturate graphene vacancies.

    Granja-DelRío A, Alonso JA, and López MJ.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 10843 (2017).

  4. 84- Vibrational excitation of H2 scattering from Cu(111): effects of surface temperature and of allowing energy exchange with the surface.

    Kroes, GJ, Juaristi JI, and Alducin M.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 13617 (2017).

  5. 85- On-surface synthesis of a pure and long-range-ordered titanium(IV)-porphyrin contact layer on titanium dioxide.

    Lovat G, Forrer D, Abadia M, Dominguez M, Casarin M, Rogero C, Vittadini A, Floreano L.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 13738 (2017).

  6. 86- Structural and vibrational properties of the TiOPc monolayer on Ag(111).

    Fernandez L, Thussing S, Manz A, Witte G, Brion-Rios AX, Cabrera-Sanfelix P, Sanchez-Portal D, and Jakob P.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 1608 (2017).

  7. 87- Interaction of cobalt atoms, dimers, and Coo clusters with circumcoronene: a theoretical study.

    Alonso-Lanza T, Mananes A, and Ayuela A.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 18900 (2017).

  8. 88- Design of Huckel-Mobius topological switches with high nonlinear optical properties.

    Torrent-Sucarrat M, Navarro S, Marcos E, Anglada JM, and Luis JM.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 19348 (2017).

  9. 89- Stereodynamics of diatom formation through eley rideal abstraction.

    Galparsoro O, Juaristi JI, Crespos C, Alducin M, and Larregaray P.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 19849 (2017).

  10. 90- Microscopic origin of the apparent activation energy in diffusion-mediated monolayer growth of two-dimensional materials.

    Gosalvez MA, and Alberdi-Rodriguez J.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 20315 (2017).

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