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  1. 31- Donor acceptor interaction determines the mechanism of photoinduced electron injection from graphene quantum dots into TiO2:pi-stacking supersedes covalent bonding.

    Long R, Casanova D, Fang WH, and Prezhdo OV.

    Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 2619 (2017).

  2. 32- Enantioselective ring-opening polymerization of rac-lactide dictated by densely substituted amino acids.

    Sanchez-Sanchez A, Rivilla I, Agirre M, Basterretxea A, Etxeberria A, Veloso A, Sardon H, Mecerreyes D, and Cossío FP.

    Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 4805 (2017).

  3. 33- Whispering gallery mode hybridization in photonic molecules.

    Li YC, Abolmaali F, Allen KW, Limberopoulos NI, Urbas A, Rakovich Y, Maslov AV, and Astratov VN.

    Laser & Photonics Reviews 11, 1600278 (2017).

  4. 34- The role of the topological constraints in the chain dynamics in all-polymer nanocomposites.

    Bacova P, Lo Verso F, Arbe A, Colmenero J, Pomposo JA, and Moreno AJ.

    Macromolecules 50, 1719 (2017).

  5. 35- Folding single chains to single-chain nanoparticles via reversible interactions: what size reduction can one expect?

    Pomposo JA, Rubio-Cervilla J, Moreno AJ, Lo Verso F, Bacova P, Arbe A, and Colmenero J.

    Macromolecules 50, 1732 (2017).

  6. 36- Detection, quantification, and "click-scavenging" of impurities in cyclic poly(glycidyl phenyl ether) obtained by zwitterionic ring-expansion polymerization with B(C6F5)(3).

    Haque FM, Alegria A, Grayson SM, and Barroso-Bujans F.

    Macromolecules 50, 1870 (2017).

  7. 37- Strong magneto-optical response of nonmagnetic organic materials coupled to plasmonic nanostructures.

    Melnikau D, Govyadinov AA, Sanchez-Iglesias A, Grzelczak M, Liz-Marzan LM, Rakovich YP.

    Nano Letters 17, 1808 (2017).

  8. 38- Efficient spin-flip excitation of a nickelocene molecule.

    Ormaza M, Bachellier N, Faraggi MN, Verlhac B, Abufager P, Ohresser P, Joly L, Romeo M, Scheurer F,Bocquet ML, Lorente N, and Limot L.

    Nano Letters 17, 1877 (2017).

  9. 39- Quantum dots embedded in graphene nanoribbons by chemical substitution.

    Carbonell-Sanroma E, Brandimarte P, Balog R, Corso M, Kawai S, Garcia-Lekue A, Saito S, Yamaguchi S, Meyer E, Sanchez-Portal D, and Pascual JI.

    Nano Letters 17, 50 (2017).

  10. 40- Plasmonic waveguide-integrated nanowire laser.

    Bermudez-Urena E, Tutuncuoglu G, Cuerda J, Smith CLC, Bravo-Abad J, Bozhevolnyi SI, Morral AFI, Garcia-Vidal FJ, and Quidant R.

    Nano Letters 17, 747 (2017).

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