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  1. 31- From tunneling to contact in a magnetic atom: The non-equilibrium Kondo effect.

    Choi DJ, Abufager P, Limot L, and Lorente N.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 092309 (2017).

  2. 32- A tunable electronic beam splitter realized with crossed graphene nanoribbons.

    Brandimarte P, Engelund M, Papior N, Garcia-Lekue A, Frederiksen T, and Sanchez-Portal D.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 092318 (2017).

  3. 33- On the non-exponentiality of the dielectric Debye-like relaxation of monoalcohols.

    Arrese-Igor S, Alegria A , and Colmenero J.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 114502 (2017).

  4. 34- Core-hole-induced dynamical effects in the x-ray emission spectrum of liquid methanol.

    Ljungberg MP, Zhovtobriukh I, Takahashi O, and Pettersson LGM.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 134506 (2017).

  5. 35- Complex nonequilibrium dynamics of stacked polystyrene films deep in the glassy state.

    Boucher VM, Cangialosi D, Alegria A, and Colmenero J.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 203312 (2017).

  6. 36- Designing 3D topological insulators by 2D-Xene (X = Ge, Sn) sheet functionalization in GaGeTe-type structures.

    Pielnhofer F, Menshchikova TV, Rusinov IP, Zeugner A, Sklyadneva IY, Heid R, Bohnen KP, Golub P, Baranov AI, Chulkov EV, Pfitzner A, Ruck M and Isaeva A.

    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 4752 (2017).

  7. 37- Charging dynamics of dopants in helium nanoplasmas.

    Heidenreich A, Gruner B, Schomas D, Stienkemeier F, Krishnan SR, and Mudrich M.

    Journal of Modern Optics 64, 1061 (2017).

  8. 38- Exchange and correlation energies in silicene illuminated by circularly polarized light.

    Iurov A, Gumbs G, and Huang D.

    Journal of Modern Optics 64, 913 (2017).

  9. 39- Competition between palladium clusters and hydrogen to saturate graphene vacancies.

    Granja-DelRío A, Alonso JA, and López MJ.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 10843 (2017).

  10. 40- Structural and Vibrational Properties of the TiOPc Monolayer on Ag(111).

    Fernandez L, Thussing S, Manz A, Witte G, Brion-Rios AX, Cabrera-Sanfelix P, Sanchez-Portal D, and Jakob P.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 1608 (2017).

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