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  1. 1- Tuning the Graphene on Ir(111) adsorption regime by Fe/Ir surface-alloying.

    Brede J, Slawinska J, Abadia M, Rogero C, Ortega JE, Piquero-Zulaica I, Lobo-Checa J, Arnau A, and Cerda JI.

    2D Materials 4, 015016 (2017).

  2. 2- Strain dependent light-off temperature in catalysis revealed by planar laser-induced fluorescence.

    Blomberg S, Zetterberg J, Zhou JF, Merte LR, Gustafson J, Shipilin M, Trinchero A, Miccio LA, Magana A, Ilyn M, Schiller F, Ortega JE, Bertram F, Gronbeck H, and Lundgren E.

    ACS Catalysis 7, 110 (2017).

  3. 3- Spin-orbit coupling induced gap in graphene on Pt(111) with intercalated Pb monolayer.

    Klimovskikh II, Otrokov MM, Voroshnin VY, Sostina D, Petaccia L, Di Santo G, Thakur S, Chulkov EV, and Shikin AM.

    ACS Nano 11, 368 (2017).

  4. 4- Temperature dependence of the partially localized state in a 2D molecular nanoporous network.

    Piquero-Zulaica I, Nowakowska S, Ortega JE, Stöhre M , Gadef LH, Jung TA, and Lobo-Checa J.

    Applied Surface Science 391, 39 (2017).

  5. 5- Combatting AMR: photoactivatable ruthenium(II)-isoniazid complex exhibits rapid selective antimycobacterial activity.

    Smith NA, Zhang PY, Greenough SE, Horbury MD, Clarkson GJ, McFeely D, Habtemariam A, Salassa L, Stavros VG, Dowson CG, and Sadler PJ.

    Chemical Science 8, 395 (2017).

  6. 6- Two-state reactivity of histone demethylases containing jumonji-c active sites: different mechanisms for different methylation degrees.

    Alberro N, Torrent-Sucarrat M, Arrastia I, Arrieta A, and Cossio FP.

    Chemistry A European Journal 23, 137 (2017).

  7. 7- Improvements on non-equilibrium and transport Green function techniques: The next-generation TRANSIESTA.

    Papior N, Lorente N, Frederiksen T, Garcia A, and Brandbyge M.

    Computer Physics Communications 212, 8 (2017).

  8. 8- Synthesis, characterisation and dynamic behavior of photoactive bipyridyl ruthenium(II)-nicotinamide complexes.

    Smith NA, Zhang PY, Salassa L, Habtemariam A, and Sadler PJ.

    Inorganica Chimica Acta 454, 240 (2017).

  9. 9- Analytic gradients for natural orbital functional theory.

    Mitxelena I, and Piris M.

    Journal of Chemical Physics 146, 014102 (2017).

  10. 10- Structural and Vibrational Properties of the TiOPc Monolayer on Ag(111).

    Fernandez L, Thussing S, Manz A, Witte G, Brion-Rios AX, Cabrera-Sanfelix P, Sanchez-Portal D, and Jakob P.

    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 1608 (2017).

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