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Capítulos libros

  1. 31- Ab Initio modelling of the excited state dynamics of clusters and nanostructures with time-dependent Density-Functional Theory: linear and nonlinear regimes.

    J. A. Alonso, A Castro, and A. Rubio.

    Nanoclusters and Nanostructured Surfaces. Editor Asok K. Ray, American Scientific Publishers, USA, Chapter 3, p. 79 - 142 (2010).

  2. 32- Properties of Gold Nanoantennas in the infrared.

    F. Neubrech, J. Aizpurua, S. Karim, T. W. Cornelius, and A. Pucci.

    Nanostructures in Electronics and Photonics. pp. 209-222, Faiz Rahman (Ed.), Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore (2008)

  3. 33- Electromagnetic Nanowire Resonances for Field-Enhanced Spectroscopy.

    Pucci AM, Neubrech F, Aizpurua J, Cornelius T, and Lamy de la Chapelle M.

    One-Dimensional Nanostructures. Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology vol. 3, pp. 175-215, ZM Wang (Ed.), Springer (2008).

  4. 34- Optical antennas for field-enhanced spectroscopy.

    Aizpurua J, and Esteban R.

    Optical Antennas (Chap.5), 64-79, (Eds) M Agio and A. Alú, Cambridge University Press (2013).

  5. 35- Theoretical Methods.

    Wanko M, and Rubio A.

    Photophysics of Ionic Biochromophores. Physical Chemistry in Action. pp. 45-65. Ed. Brøndsted Nielsen, Steen; Wyer, Jean Ann, Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013).

  6. 36- Interaction of atoms with surfaces and surface phonons.

    G. Benedek, D. Campi, and J. P. Toennies.

    Physics of Solid Surfaces, Subvol. A, Landolt-Börnstein, Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology – New Ser., Subvol. 45A, edited by P. Chiaradia and G.F. Chiarotti, Chap. 10, 572-646 (2015).

  7. 37- Time-dependent density functional theory.

    Marques, MAL, and Gross EKU.

    Primer in Density Functional Theory. Lecture notes in Physics vol. 620, 144, Springer, Berlin (2003).

  8. 38- Natural Orbital Functional Theory.

    Piris M.

    Reduced-Density-Matrix Mechanics - with Application to Many-Electron Atoms and Molecules. Advances in Chemical Physics v. 134, 387-427 (2007).

  9. 39- Magnetic properties of atomic clusters of the transition elements.

    J.A. Alonso.

    Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Vol 25, p.191-248 Editors KB Lizkowitz and TRCundary, Wiley-VCH (2007).

  10. 40- Spin Polarization of Electrons Emitted in the Neutralization of He+ Ions in Solids.

    Alducin M, Juaristi JI, Diez Muiño R, Roesler M, and Echenique PM.

    Slow Heavy-Particle Induced Electron Emission from Solid Surfaces. Springer Tracts in Modern Physics vol 225, 153, Springer-Verlag Berlin (2007).

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