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Capítulos libros

  1. 1- Coherent spectroscopy of image potential states.

    U. Höfer, J. Osma, and PM Echenique.


  2. 2- Methyl Group Dynamics in Glassy Polymers by Neutron Scattering: From Classical to Quantum Motions.

    J. Colmenero and A. Alegría.

    Advanced Functional Molecules and Polymer (Vol. 2) - Processing & Spectrosocpy, pp. 271-293. Edited by Hari Singh Nalwa. Gordon and Breach Science Publisher, ISBN:90-5699-309-7 (2001).

  3. 3- Modeling the properties of carbon nanotubes for sensor - based devices.

    Roman C, Roche S, and Rubio A.

    Advanced Micro & Nanosystems Vol. 8. Carbon Nanotube Devices: Properties, Modeling, Integration and Applications (ed C. Hierold), p 181, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co (2008).

  4. 4- Reactivity of metal clusters.

    J. A. Alonso, A. Mañanes, and L. M. Molina.

    Aromaticity and Metal Clusters. Editor P. K. Chattaraj. CRC Press. Taylor and Francis Group, Florida, p. 119 - 135 (2011).

  5. 5- Polymer dynamics by dielectric spectroscopy and neutron scattering-A comparison.

    Colmenero J, Arbe A, and Richter D.

    Broad Band Dielectric Spectroscopy F. Kremer and A. Schönhals, Editors Springer Verlag, Heidelberg (2003).

  6. 6- Emission of CdTe Nanocrystals Coupled to Microcavities.

    Donegan JF, and Rakovich YP.

    Cadmium Telluride Quantum Dots: Advances and Applications. pp. 121-172. Editors: J.F. Donegan and Y.P. Rakovich. CRC Press-Taylor & Francis Group (USA) (2013).

  7. 7- Overview of core and valence photoemission.

    Schattke W, Van Hove MA, García de Abajo FJ, Díez Muiño R, and Mannella N.

    Chapter 2 in "Solid-State Photoemission and Related Metohds: Theory and Experiment". Eds. W.Schattke and M.A. Van Hove, Wiley-VCH, Berlin (2003).

  8. 8- Electronic processes in the interaction with solids and surfaces.

    Alducin M, Juaristi JI, Díez Muiño R, and Arnau A.

    Chapter 6 in "Recent Research Developments in Physics" vol 4, p 97, Transworld Research Network, Kerala, India (2003).

  9. 9- Structural, Mechanical, and Superconducting Properties of Clathrates.

    Blase X, Benedek G, and Bernasconi M.

    Computer-Based Modeling of Novel Carbon Systems and Their Properties: Beyond Nanotubes. Carbon Materials-Chemistry and Physics vol. 3, pp. 171-206, Springer (2010).

  10. 10- DFT-NEGF Approach to Current-Induced Forces, Vibrational Signals, and Heating in Nanoconductors.

    Brandbyge M, Frederiksen T, and Paulsson M.

    Current-Driven Phenomena in Nanoelectronics. Editor. Seideman T, pp. 90-122, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd(2011).

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